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Mandatory for all companies having more than 10 employees who draw a maximum monthly salary of Rs 15,000 needs to get registered for ESI.This scheme offers several medical and monetary benefits to employees.

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The Employees State Insurance Act, 1948 was put into practice by the government as an integrated necessity based on the social insurance scheme. It was enforced with a drive to protect the life of employees in any kind of disease, pregnancy or accident, temporary or permanent physical disablement, or in case of employment injury which leads to death and results in loss of salary or earning capacity of an individual. Employers or Establishments having more than 10 employees, drawing the salaries of up to Rs.15,000 per month are the basic requirements to be registered under the ESI Act 1948. The benefits provided under this scheme are co-funded from the contributions from covered employees and their employers at the fixed percentage of wages. Covered employees contribute 1.75% of the wages and covered employers contribute 4.75% of the wages to the ESIC, payable to the employees.

Apart from this, the state government also contribute 1/8th part cost of medical benefit. All Institutions and Factories must retain more than 10 employees to apply for ESI registration within 15 days of the ESI Act, 1948 becoming applicable to them. ESI Registration can be done through an authorized and qualified consultant who can help and guide through the entire process. ESI scheme provides comprehensive medical care coverage to the employees registered under the scheme during the period of incapacity for the healing of health issues and working capacity. It also provides monetary support to compensate for the loss of wages during the period of absence from work due to sickness, maternity, and employment injury. ESI scheme extends medical care also to the dependents of employees.

The procedure of ESIC Registration

Application Drafting

The first step is to draft the ESI Application on behalf of your business along with the list of employees pre-registration.

Form Filling

The next step is the ESI registration form filled by the applicant along with the arrangement of all necessary documents.


Once the form is submitted every detail provided is cross-checked for verification to ensure there are no errors or omissions made.

Issue of ESI Registration

The government authorities review the application and process the registration to finally grant the registration.


Complete ESI application along with other legal documents is submitted for approval.

Documents Required for ESIC Registration

Below is the list of documents required for the registration process?

  • License or Certificate of Registration issued under Shops and Establishment Acts or Factories Act.
  • Latest Rent receipt of the premises as Address Proof.
  • Latest building Tax/Property Tax receipt Photocopy.
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association MOA/AOA, Partnership Deed, Trust Deed subject to the type of entity applying for registration.
  • Certificate for Production Commencement and/or Registration No. of GST, Photocopy.
  • PAN Card Copy
  • Date of commencement of production/business/first sale support Evidence (e.g. Copy of First Invoice).
  • Month wise employment position, salary, etc.
  • Bank statement Copy To be submitted by Employees
  • Family Photo of the employee in Duplicate

Benefits of ESIC Registration

Being registered under the ESI scheme comes with many benefits. Some of the major benefits are:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


ESI stands for Employee State Insurance. This is a government-regulated Insurance scheme for employees and their families, as health insurance covering sickness, maternity, disability, etc.


Every Business, establishment, and factory having 10 or more employees working requires to get register under Employees State Insurance.


Every Business, establishment, and factory having 10 or more employees working requires to get register under Employees State Insurance.


Employee's contribution is only 1.75% which is deducted from his salary, out of the total 6.5% amount that goes towards ESI. The rest amount is contributed by the employer.


The government has announced several health care benefits for poor families. All families can access medical facilities via ESI Hospitals that are covered under the NHPS scheme. Besides, all employees covered under the ESI scheme are also entitled to medical treatment for them and their dependents.


The ESI members are entitled to unemployment cash benefit, maternity benefit, an allowance in case of female employees. Besides, there is a disablement benefit also.


All employees covered under the ESI scheme are also entitled to a family pension.


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