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All food business operators are required to obtain an FSSAI license to operate the business in India.Get your food licence online easily

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Food Business Operators related to manufacturing, storage, transportation, or distribution of food products must obtain FSSAI Registration. In India, the Food Safety and Standards Regulations 2011 governs the registration or licensing of the food business. Whether you have to get an FSSAI Registration or FSSAI License depends upon the size and nature of your business.

Types of FSSAI License Registration

FSSAI Basic registration

Food businesses with turnover below 12 Lakhs Annually.

FSSAI State license

Food businesses with turnover more than 12 lakhs but below 20 crores annually.

FSSAI Central license

Food businesses with turnover of more than 20 crores annually.

Registration by FSSAI guarantees the security of food products and it is principally a food safety certificate issued by the food authority in India. All the manufacturers, traders, restaurants, grocery shops, importers and exporters of food products are eligible for allotting FSSAI Licence. FSSAI Licensing assures that food products undergo specific quality checks andminimize the chances of adulteration, substandard products.

Procedure of Food License Registration

Consult Our Expert

Process start with a consultation on the type of license neededwith our experts. Our experts are at your call to help with any query. .

Follow up and Waiting for Approval

After the application submission, we resolve any questions that the authorities may ask. We facilitate resolve any questions and the follow-up required by the food department.

License Issued

After approval, a digital and paper copy of the license is sent to you on the given address. The entire process of the license procurement takes a maximum of 30 days.

Documents Required for Food License Registration

  • Form B duly completed and signed.
  • Plan of the processing unit.v
  • Address, contact details, and photo ID of Directors/ Partners/ Proprietor
  • Equipment and machinery list to be used.
  • List of food category to be manufactured.
  • Authority letter from a manufacturer
  • Water Analysis Report to be used in the process
  • Raw material e.g. milk, meat source.
  • Recall plan where needed
  • Ministry of Commerce Certificate for 100% EOU
  • NOC/PA document issued by FSSAI
  • IE code document issued by DGFT
  • Form IX
  • Certificate from Ministry of Tourism
  • Proof of possession of premises
  • Partnership deed/ affidavit of proprietorship
  • NOC License from the manufacturer
  • NOC from the municipality or local body
  • Food safety management system plan or certificate
  • Turnover and transportation proof document
  • Declaration form

Benefits of Food License Registration


An authentic communication is necessary to gain the customer trust. It will conduct better service and also keep the customers from unhealthy and adulterated food supply.


FSSAI Certification will enhance the chance of legal enforcement and control over the department at a certain point and will encourage the establishment of several things to a particular area.


The FSSAI registration will offer the privileges of Government Funding and Loans that can be easily accessible for the business operators.


The use of FSSAI logo on your product will normally create goodwill trustworthiness amongst the consumers.


FSSAI registered company can easily gain Brand Value through the value it acquire by license.


The FSSAI license will provide a wider scope and privilege of expansion at any geographic location.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The types of FSSAI Food licenses are: Basic Registration- If Annual turnover is less than Rs. 12 Lakhs State Licence- Annual turnover between Rs.12 Lakhs- 20 crores Central Licence- Annual turnover more than Rs.20 crores.


The expected time of registration process depend on types of FSSAI license. For basic FSSAI license, it takes 7 working days while for a State license and Central license will be approximately 30 days.


The FSSAI License is valid for the period from 1 to 5 years, after that, the FBO needs to apply for FSSAI Licence renewal.


FLRS is a �Food Licensing and Registration System�, an online application system introduced by FSSAI. It is used to verify for the eligibility of food-related businesses based on their business area and the kind of procedure recognized with the business person.


FSSAI license renewal is necessary for every food business in India and can be done for 1-5 years.


Yes, a Central FSSAI license for the main branch or head office and the state licenses for another specific state. This is necessary to assure stable business operation for food business crossing over various states of the country.


In case if you miss a renewal of food license have to pay a penalty of Rs. 100 per day within the specified validity time after that your license can be canceled and need to apply for a fresh license..

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